Safety Recommendations

Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau, in accordance with Rule 8 (3) (h) of Aircraft (Investigation of Accidents and Incidents) Rules, 2017 forwards the recommendations made in investigation reports and safety studies to DGCA and other regulatory authorities for their follow up and to obtain compliance of the same.

DGCA or Regulatory Authorities of other States that receives safety recommendations is required to inform AAIB, within ninety days of the date of the transmittal correspondence, of the preventive action taken or under consideration, or the reasons why no action will be taken.

AAIB evaluates the response received from DGCA or Regulatory Authorities of other States to examine if the safety concerns have been suitably addressed. In case the action taken on the recommendation is not considered adequate to address the safety concerns raised in the Investigation Reports or the Safety Studies, consultations are held with DGCA or Regulatory Authorities of other States and justification and clarifications obtained.

AAIB monitors the progress of the action taken in response to that safety recommendations and maintains a database of recommendations and action taken on recommendations by concerned agencies.